The Cost of Toilet Blockages

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What is the True Cost of Toilet Blockages to your Business?

What is Biotech

Toilet Blockages can be a nightmare. Biotech is an exclusive ‘Biologically active’ tissue which actively cleans and sanitises pipes and sewerage systems. During the manufacturing process Biotech tissue products are sprayed with harmless micro-organisms which feed on organic waste materials.

How it works

When the paper comes into contact with water, the microorganisms activate and feed on the dirt, grease, fats and other organic wastes present in the pipes and sewage system. Biotech will even break down paper waste!

Respects The Environment


Reduces Clogs


Reduces Cost in Use


Why and Benefits

Biotech reduces the costs of extroardinary maintenance (i.e. dredging maintenance) by up to 40% in comparison with normal toilet paper. Biotech Decreases risk of clogging and keeps the pipes and system networks clean and also decreases the need for purging operations and other chemicals and mechanical services on the closed loop system. Biotech also eliminates unpleasant odours and other effects of dirt such as rats and insects.

The Biotech Range

Biotech tissue products are available in a range of Toilet Paper formats including Mini Jumbo, Jumbo, Conventional household, Bulk pack and Paper Hand Towels

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