Hand Towels

Papernet Hand Towels, V Fold Dissolve Tech

Hand Towels from Papernet include Flushable Dissolvetech V fold – Z Fold – W Fold – M Fold – Dissolve Tech Luxury & Dissolvable for Care Home, Schools, Universities, Football Stadiums. Our Dissolvable range is idea for use where drains are an issue.

Care homes are known for blockages as cared for patients often throw paper towels down the toilet. This can be a very expensive problem if a Drain company must be called out. Dissolve Tech Hand Towels are the perfect solution.

You can see how Dissolvetech works in our video.

Reduces the risk of clogging.

It is estimated that every year, more than 50% of companies around the world frequently suffer problems and consequences associated with pipe blockages.

Recent research has shown that the cost of solving these problems exceeds EUR 1 billion in Europe, considering the use of chemical additives and special maintenance work.

Papernet Dissolve Tech solves this problem with a range of products made with a special temporary wet resistance; a technological solution which ensures that the tissue offers excellent performance during use and dissolves quickly in contact with water.