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Hy Tech Dispensers from Papernt Sales UKHyTech Dispenser Systems from Papernet Sales

Hy Tech is an exclusive product featuring unique characteristics: ecological, efficient and stylish.
It is the result of the collaboration between Papernet and one of the most famous Italian product designers, Stefano Giovannoni.

Minimilist: its minimal design and lines make the product unique and harmoniously adaptable to every environment.
Solid: the use of extremely hard plastic material material such as ABS and the compactness of the forms guarantee resistance, reliability, safety and durability.
Ergonomic: the forms make daily use and ordinary handling of the product extremely simple. Smooth surfaces with no sharp corners facilitate cleaning and hygiene.
Eternal: its style and traits are modern and designed to last.
Harmonious: the lines and proportions flow in balance with the surrounding environment.

Innovation is when Hygiene meets Design.
From the partnership with the Italy’s most famous product designer Stefano Giovannoni, Papernet presents the new line of dispensers HyTech.
Clean, easy to use, eco-friendly, efficient and stylish.
Hytech dispensers have been thought specifically for work areas, hospitals, hotels, lavatories or offices, as nothing before.

Hytech Dispensers | Take a look at our above Youtube video and see what we’re talking about. Stefano Giovannoni explains his thoughts and ideas on how he worked with Sofidel and Papernet to come up with such a sleek design and environmentally friendly Paper Dispensers.

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More HyTech products coming soon.