Dry Tech from Papernet Sales UK – TAD Through Air Dried

DryTech from Papernet SalesDry Tech technology is an innovation designed to optimise and improve the drying phase in production processes. Dry Tech tissue (TAD – Through Air Dried) paper is dried by blowing air through the fibres rather than by conventional processes which work by means of pressure to ensure the softest and bulkiest of tissue. The end product is more voluminous and softer with internal pockets of air so you can feel the quality of our Dry Tech products. In addition to the softness, the volume also means good drying ability and high absorbency.

Innovation and technology make Dry Tech paper unique an the market.
A high-end product that guarantees results in terms of performance and cost savings.

100% more absorbent: the new technology applied to the drying process makes the paper twice as permeable to a traditional product.
67% more resistant: greater bulk and thickness ensure greater resistance compared to a traditional toilet paper.
Internal air pockets: the toilet paper dried by permeating hot air through fibers. The voids increase bulk and absorbency.

Dry Tech toilet paper absorbs faster, saves time and reduces utilisation costs and lessen waste production.

It absorbs more liquids, reducing the quantity of paper used and eliminating waste. It is highly resistant both dry and wet, therefore ensuring maximum reliability.

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See for yourself – Try our Dry Tech toilet tissue and see how different it is to other toilet tissue products.