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The Future Of Paper Hand Towels

Dissolve tech Paper Hand towels that break down in water are HERE and available to buy now! Take a look at our short video explaining the benefits of a fully dissolvable hand towel that can easily be flushed down a toilet.

Papernet Sales Dissolve Tech Tissue

Dissolve Tech Tissue

Resistant like a hand towel yet dis-solvable like a toilet tissue paper. Try it out now!

Dissolve Tech Tissue from Papernet Sales

Perfect in the fact that this product dissolves in water as opposed to just breaking up in water like the industry normal flush-able tissue products. Ideal for use in Trains, Airplanes and Boats.

Click to view dissolve tech brochureThe new Dissolve Tech paper hand towel is resistant and dissolvable. During use it behaves like a normal hand towel, once used it can be disposed of in the toilet where it will dissolve completely with no risks of blockages or clogging, exactly like regular toilet tissue.

Dissolve Tech is a certified product that differentiates itself from competition for three fundamental characteristics.
Used dry, it has the resistance and absorbancy of a standard paper hand towel.


It can be disposed of in the WC, where the paper will completely dissolve avoiding any risks of blockages. More than half of all blockage problems are caused by regular hand towels being disposed of down toilets. Ideal for portable loo hire companies & City Centres with problamitic drain systems.


A certified, exclusive and patented product from Sofidel that is a becoming more popular by the day. Now used by British Airways who have tried, tested and passed this product with flying colours.

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