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About us at Papernet Sales UK, we have Sofidel backing to be a national distributor Papernet Tissue Products across the UK and Ireland. Having the support of one of the leading tissue manufacturers in the world enables us to offer great savings on some of the most up to date and advanced tissue products in the world. Check out our BIO TECH information page and how the tissue world is changing using biologically active tissue that contains 5 types of GOOD Microorganisims. We also have a direct link to the Sofidel Bio Tech Official Website.

Papernet Sales UK is a company of Loorolls.com, with a wealth of experience in today’s Away From Home Tissue Market. With over 20 year experience we can offer our customers the finest quality tissue products in our ever increasing range of Sofidel Paper Tissue products. In our range we offer.

  • Papernet Toilet Tissue
  • Papernet Wiping Rolls
  • Papernet Centrefeed Hand Towel Wiping Rolls
  • Papernet Facial Tissues
  • Papernet Napkins
  • Papernet Mini Jumbo
  • Papernet Bio Tech Microorganism Tissue Products
  • Papernet Paper Hand Towels
  • Dissolve Tech

About the Papernet Range

Papernet Sales are a national distributor of Papernet Away From Home paper products and we pride ourselves on promoting Europes finest quality products. From Paper Hand Towels, 2 and 3 ply Toilet Rolls, Centre Feed Wiping Rolls, Medical Hygiene Rolls and all available on a standard 3 day delivery. It simply doesn’t get better than this.

Sofidel have introduced a Quality Range of Colour Coded Labels to display products for Papernet Sales UK including
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Biotech is an innovative active toilet paper the first complete product that cleans the pipes and septic tank. We have listed a few reasons why we recommend Bio Tech Active Toilet Paper
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Dry Tech technology is an innovation designed to optimise and improve the drying phase in production processes. Dry Tech tissue (TAD – Through Air Dried) Innovation and technology make Dry Tech paper unique in the market. A high-end product that guarantees results in terms of performance and cost savings. Good drying ability and high absorbency. It simply doesn’t get better than this.
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Hy Tech is an exclusive product featuring unique characteristics: ecological, efficient and stylish. From the partnership with the Italy’s most famous product designer Stefano Giovannoni. Papernet presents the new line of dispensers HyTech! next day service available Hytech dispensers have been designed specifically for the following work areas, hospitals, hotels, lavatories, offices and schools.
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Perfect in the fact that this product dissolves in water as opposed to just breaking up in water like the industry normal flush-able tissue products. Ideal for use in Trains, Airplanes and Boats (Flushable Hand Towels) A certified, exclusive and patented product from Sofidel. Dissolve Tech is a certified product that differentiates itself from competition for three fundamental characteristics. no risks of blockages. It simply doesn’t get better than this.
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Our Valuable Office Team Members

With over 15 years experience in the Away From Home Paper Industry. Jason has worked for UK Paper Converters and Manufacturers and gained a wealth of knowledge about the tissue industry.
With over 20 years Experience in the AFH Tissue Industry Andrew has experience in all aspects of purchasing including Mother Reels and the finished product.
We all need a good reliable accountant to keep us on the straight and narrow. Sara has many years of experience in the runnning of companies and accounts.
KerryTele Sales
The friendly face and voice of the company. Perfect for answering all your questions and offering assistance for day to day running of our company.